“It has to be heard to be believed. The perfectionism of the interplay and the perfectionism of the tone shaping”
Adrian Quanjer | HRAudio.net

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15 years of fukio

Fukio Quartet turns 15 years making music together.



Since its inception in 2008, Fukio has focused on the performance of music for saxophone  quartet as well as the creation of new repertoire for the genre.

Soprano Saxophone: Joaquín Sáez Belmonte  
Alto Saxophone: Xavier Larsson Paez  
Tenor Saxophone: José Manuel Bañuls Marcos  
Baritone Saxophone: Xabier Casal Ares‍


"Fukio is a sensitive combination of contrasting elements: a genre-bending crossover of styles, a tactile, flexible sound. A display of virtuosity and dexterity. An unprecedented sound experience."
Arnau Tomàs | Cuarteto Casals

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